Wednesday, January 23, 2013


One of the things that I work with clients on is alignment within their lives. Are they actually striving to achieve the results that they desire in life on a consistent basis or are they short stroking their efforts with half-hearted attempts, and worse, self sabotage?  These are the kinds of barriers that have to be removed in order to achieve goals and create a life of quality.

It impossible to receive wealth, health or happiness unless we consciously put ourselves into the proper situation and place that would be of benefit.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions must be in alignment; and all at the same time.

It would be nearly impossible to have the thought of wanting to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle if you are not feeling motivated to really do so or if you are still going to the fast-food drive through everyday.  The thought, the feeling and the action do not match up so more than likely positive results will not materialize.

Of course the overall perception of life plays a key as well in the business of attraction.  Once I had the vision that we act like a funneling point between the un-manifested and the manifested things in our physical world.  How I envisioned it was that everything is sort of just floating out there but also flowing in a stream and as we change our perception, our point of view, our focal point, our position in the stream or channel point changes also.  All these things that are un-manifested we either catch and it filters through us or it passes us by. 

One way to look at this is like a magnifying glass catching a ray of light.  It must be angled and focused so to create a real discernable point of light.  Another example would be a fishing net.  Depending where on the spectrum (or stream)  the net is placed dictates what will be caught in it.  In other words all of this stuff is floating around us, we just need to position ourselves correctly in the stream to catch it.  To get the better or bigger things we must be in the right spectrum of light or the right part of the stream.  While one part of a stream might catch only one kind of fish, being in another might catch more or bigger fish which are more edible.  So the reason I say perception, is that is what acts like the lens or the net which allows us to catch, filter, or seize the things we want or do not want, all depending on where we choose to focus.

What are the tools to get us to those different places in the stream?  First one must have courage.  The courage to let go of what is holding us back in life… the courage to let go and to allow new experiences, people and things to freely entire (and possibly leave) our lives;  The courage to take risks, to go for it and the courage to have faith in oneself. 

One must be willing to change habits and behaviors that may be holding you back.  If your dream is to see your grandchildren grow up, it might be a good idea to stop smoking, or drinking, or indulging in an unhealthy diet.  If your goal is to have the relationship of your dreams, maybe a change in dating patterns and an approach to dating is warranted.  If you want to win the lotto... then start the buying tickets.

As thoughts and feelings and actions change a persons life situation more than likely it is not going to be a 180 degree change over night.  Changes are often difficult and take time to fully affect results in one’s life.  It is the actual day to day accumulation of positive action, thoughts and feelings that are the stepping to stones to building an amazing life.

By consciously working diligently to put oneself in alignment of their dreams, goals and ambitions on a daily basis it is much simpler build a life that is truly abundant and happy.  And happiness is the overall key to it all, every time, without fail.  

The desert which can seem barren but once you know where to look you will see that it actually teeming with life.  Perception.

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